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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special

Watch Here ====>>>

Watch Here ====>>>

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special 50 years ago today, a children's teatime sci-fi show made its debut on the BBC - and went on to change the world, both in terms of television and the imaginations of viewers for generations.

To celebrate the Time Lord's big day, check out the finest Doctor Who facts from across time and space below.

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For the latest on the Doctor Who 50th anniversary celebrations and events, click on the link
50. It’s the longest running science fiction show in the world!

The 50th anniversary special will be the show’s 799th episode since it began in 1963. And that’s with a large gap in the middle.

The nearest rival doesn’t come close – with Superman’s youthful adventures in Smallville achieving 218 episodes across 10 series.

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